Blog Investigation

Able Ebenezer


Able Ebenezer is a brand new beer brewery located in Merrimack, New Hampshire. I have yet to visit this brewery, but it has been the topic of many conversations. They opened up a few months ago in June. They have been operating a blog since before they opened their doors!

Able Ebenezer doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of posts, as they are still a brand new company. But they are on the right track. Their mission is to keep customers up to date with their business, form personal relationships, and spread brand awareness.

A lot of their posts were made before the business was actually up and running. They let the public know what was going on behind the construction tape, from revealing when the restrooms were finished, to letting the public know when inspections were going to take place.

The blog is run by the co-founder, Carl. A piece of advice I have for him is to put more fun and engaging content on the blog. Their actual website describes some of their craft beers, but they have an opportunity to go more in depth on the blog. Each week they could do a “beer of the week showcase”. This would get people excited, and encourage them to come in and try them out.

Other entertaining blog posts would be beneficial to the company. They could create infographics about the brewing process on a website like Piktochart. Putting useful information on blogs is key. As with any piece of literature, the goal is to hold the reader’s attention and entertain them.

Stonyfield Yogurt


Stonyfield Organic Yogurt reaches its health conscious audience through their well-written and organized blog. They are well aware of who their audience is and that is one of the reasons their blog is so successful.

Stonyfield has several different contributors on their blog. From nutritionist mothers, to organic dairy farmers, to ordinary Stonyfield employees, the different perspectives form a creative and collaborative collection of blog posts.

The blog is divided into a wide range of sections. There are cooking sections, Stonyfield contests, and other portions of the blog dedicated to those who have a passion for healthy and organic lifestyles. There are real life narratives of what it’s like to work on a dairy farm, there are endless recipes, and other worthwhile reads.

Users could spend hours on Stonyfield’s blog. There are articles for those who want to learn something, those who are curious about the company, and those who just want to pass some time reading.

With their huge collection of posts, it is highly likely that their website will come up on a Google search. The more pages and material a website has, the better a website’s SEO or Search Engine Optimization is. Drawing traffic to Stonyfield’s blog is rewarding for the contributors, and a form of advertisement for the company.

Companies should admire Stonyfield’s blog. It’s not just a marketing scheme; there are actually really helpful and entertaining articles. The blog offers a sense of community, and demands respect.


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