Timberland.. You Should Listen To Me

timberlandTimberland’s trademark tan work boots are worn by construction workers, hikers, and young people who wish that they could be in a rap video. This different range of clientele seems to be too much for the marketing staff at Timberland to handle. They can’t quite figure out who to connect with on their social media platforms. The vegan mountain climber? Or the fashionista blogger on Pinterest? Timberland was originally built to support the needs of outdoors people. Their products have always been made for those who lead semi-rugged or adventurous lives. Their trademark, tan work boots are worn by construction workers, hikers, and ‘thug’ males and females alike. However, they seem to only be focusing on urban, fashion-conscious people. Their newest Lookbook for Fall 2014 shows models hanging out on city rooftops, playing the guitar, and being nonchalantly fabulous. Walking around Central Park is definitely not the same thing as going hiking in the woods of New Hampshire. Who exactly is their audience? I don’t think they know the answer to that. tumblr_mzlvj263431rbp6s3o1_1280 The huge diversity of people who wear the Timberland brand poses a problem for the marketing staff. One day they post a picture of North West and Kim Kardashian sporting their brand. The next day they try to appeal to environmentally conscious people by stating that some of their products are eco-conscious and organic. If Timberland paid more attention to their original customers: those outdoorsy hikers and nature lovers, then they may find a rise in sales and brand evangelists. Why don’t they make an app that finds local hiking spots? Or post concise and helpful manuals like “Easy To Pack Lunches”? They have over a million fans on Facebook, and almost 100,000 followers on Twitter. But the amount of interaction they have with their audience hints that they are doing something wrong. The amount of reblogs and favorites that they get is pitiful! Clearly they need to fix something. twitter Timberland definitely needs to work on their engagement. They are such a huge company and have achieved a lot of success, but there is room for significant improvement. One more thing… While they work on figuring out who their audience is, they should change their Facebook profile picture once in a while. profilepcis


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